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We now have new colours, fonts and textures available for you to customize your bandanas with!


The foil texture is similar to the material we have currently been using. It is shiny and reflects in the sunlight


The glitter texture is great if you want to add a little sparkle to your bandana. 


The matte texture is not shiny and does not reflect light. 


We have 3 new fonts to choose from:

1. Lovegood

2. Bernadette

3. Mountains


The colours we now have available include:

  • Red
  • Emerald Green

  • Royal Blue

  • Purple

  • Gold

  • Silver

All these colours are available in foil, glitter and matte.


We also have a few extra colours availble in certain textures only

  • White and Black (matte only)

  • Pink (glitter only)

  • Plum (matte only)

  • Light Blue (glitter and matte only)





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